Casino Betting Methods

Many betting techniques and methods do not work or even have numerous drawbacks. We want to teach you gamble smartly that is why we offer the list of the most famous gambling systems that are used by millions of players over the planet and help to play slot games, casino blackjack and any other game successfully compared to the fake techniques.

If somebody is trying to sell you any odd system and swears that it is 100% effective, do not believe him. You must understand that in case such system existed, all the casinos would lose money constantly. This never happens and the casinos always have the edge over the gamblers. The mentioned here betting systems that were designed to master the game also cannot make you the most successful player ever, however they are aimed to help you gamble smartly and control the wins and losses. So, let's study the most popular gambling systems that can be used at different casino games.

These betting systems are divided into two groups: positive and negative progression. It is possible to say that these are the opposite to one another gambling strategies that are based on reverse principle of betting. Positive progression system states that the gambler is to raise the betting amount after he wins. Under the Negative progression system, the gambler increases the bet after he loses.

Martingale Betting System

According to this negative progression system, after every win the player preserve money he won and wagers the original amount of chips. But after the gambler loses, he doubles the bet. Such actions must be followed no matter how many times the player wins or loses in a row. Martingale strategy is usually applied at the roulette game because it is quite effective in case of even money bets for instance even/odd and red/black bets in roulette. You can also use the system to play blackjack, slots or making other bets over the Internet.

D'Alenbert Betting System

D'Alenbert Betting System is one more negative progression gambling system that states that the player must increase his betting amount by one unit (one chip or any sum of money) when he loses and decrease the bet by one unit each time he wins. This strategy, that is believed to be created by French mathematician d'Alembert, resembles Martingale betting system but is less aggressive. Both systems allow the player to avoid losing any money from his bankroll after the winning streak.

Paroli Betting System

This system is positive progression system that is opposite to the mentioned above. It states that the gambler must increase the initial bet after he wins and lower it after the losing bet. According to the players who used Paroli system, it is not very successful as it can really aid to win good money in case you are lucky. In all other game situations it mostly fails.

1-3-2-6 Betting System

According to this system the player must follow the special pattern when placing the bets. So, first he bets 1 unit, and then raises the betting amount to 3 units. In the new round the gambler bets 2 units and eventually increases the bet to 6 units. Then this betting pattern must be repeated again. This betting strategy is based on the idea that the gambler surely wins after every four bets. This is of course approximate data but some players state that the system really works in most cases.