Rules of Casino Etiquette

Our site is devoted to online gambling still many players who even prefer to play at online casinos used to visit the local ground-based gambling venues from time to time. When you come to the ground casino you have to follow the set of specific rules in order to be gallant and not get in unpleasant situation. To respect the gambling hall you have to keep in mind the basic etiquette rules:

1. Play at one slot machine at the rush hours. Even when there are not so crowds of people at slots hall limit yourself to one slot machine in order to give others the opportunity to win the biggest prize.

2. When you want leave the casino table or place at the slots, make others know if you want to come back in some minutes. You can do it by putting the special coin cup on the seat or your jacket on the chair. Still, if you are going to take a long break, for example, for lunch, free the place because there are other players willing to play.

3. At some of the establishments it is forbidden to smoke in all rooms or just in the special non-smoking areas. Thus, if you smoke, move to the areas where you will be able to smoke not violating the rules. Additionally, if you smoke at the slot machine, do not forget to use the ashtray (at most table games the ashtrays are always available).

4. When you want to join blackjack table, you must ask the players whether they want you to wait till the next shuffling before entering the game. It may sound ridiculous, but some professional blackjack players are convinced that it is very bad idea to change things on the half-way and like to finish the whole shoe.

5. At blackjack games in which the cards are dealt exposed the players are banned to touch the cards. However, in case you receive the face down cards you are allowed to touch them.

6. At all games the players are not permitted to touch the wagered chips on the betting grid as well as take away the winnings by themselves. Just the dealer can make payouts and deal with the wagers. You do not need to consider this rule when you play card or roulette download games.

7. At the craps table, in case you are a shooter, roll the dice to hit them against the back of the table in order to provide the random results and not to disturb the play.

8. In case you play the game where the chips of different denomination are applied wager in the right way: the chips with the highest denomination have to be on the bottom and the chips with the smallest value - on the top.

9. Manage your emotions and try to avoid giving advice to other gamblers. Be polite and never blame the casino employee as he is doing his job and is not guilty for your bad cards or mood.

10. Try not to make much noise at the casino. At most table games it is polite to shout out, that's why when you want to ask for drink and indicate what action you want to take, use the special gesticulation.

11. To respect the dealer try not to forget to leave tips. In such way you show your respect to the dealer who has quite low wage.

12. At the table games wait till the dealer gives out the winning and only after place the bets for the new round.